Contact me

If you are interested in the free software components that you find on this website and have specifc questions on what they do and how they can help you in your projects, go ahead and send an email to It might take a couple of days before I answer but I will reply.

Any recommendations about improvements, bugs, shortcomings and so on are also happily received. Although I have a lot of software development experience, I still make faults. Contrary to what some people might say, software development in a lot of cases is actually not easy: there are lots of choices for you to take, different technologies to choose from, etc. So, be nice when you want to comment on a component for which there might be a better offering.

By the way: most of the source code is published on GitHub. That is of course a perfect platform for you to collaborate and make all of this better. You are all invited to participate.

About Jos

Jos Huybrighs is an ICT engineer with experience in software architecture and development for embedded systems, client devices and web.